Popular It Certification Programs

Before you decide to explore the data technology certification programs, you need to evaluate which kind of position you would like. Obviously, the different programs are targeted at specific kinds of jobs there. This information will discuss a few of the popular certification options and supply an introduction to the kinds of jobs you’ll be qualified for.

‘cisco’ Certification

This certification qualifies you to definitely focus on the computer networking infrastructure for big companies. An average specialist with ‘cisco’ certification will support networking equipment for example routers, switches, as well as telecommunications equipment. You’ll be accountable for ensuring the gear remains operational, is enhanced for performance, is safe, and take part in equipment upgrades and new projects.

Microsoft Certification

Microsoft certification covers an array of technologies varying from application support, server support, database administration, as well as computer programming. This certification consistently ranks one of the most searched for after IT certifications and it is frequently reported as an absolute must have for variety of different job openings.

Typically, there’s an accreditation for every Microsoft product or technology. For most of us, we frequently choose carrying out a path with Microsoft or carrying out a path with Unix. In either case, it’s recommended to get a specialist at either to narrowly focus your training and certification efforts.


You will find a number of programs that center around IT security. You might focus on firewalls, network invasion protection and monitoring, and computer forensics. Care needs to be come to make certain you’re going following a trustworthy certification. There are lots of available, only a couple of have a very good status in the market. Security Certification is actually among the fastest growing segments of knowledge Technology. You might find employment monitoring network security, creating standards for finish-users along with other IT people, or perhaps doing forensic examinations for police force or IP protection in particular companies.


The Oracle certification generally covers every aspect of databases. These certs vary from standard DBA work, that is administration and gratifaction monitoring and improvement – To database architecture for probably the most complex databases on the planet. In either case you are very likely a higher job demand, great salary, and limitless possibility to increase your skills and certification levels.


All the major Unix flavors have certification possibilities. The majority of the companies on the planet possess some Unix servers and also the concepts which are learned from the Redhat certification, for instance, may be used in several applications. The majority of the products you utilize every single day have some type of Unix operating-system. Because of this, these skills and understanding you receive from Unix certification can open lots of doorways with various job possibilities.

The data technology certification programs listed below are forever in the very best 10 most searched for after in the market. Whichever way you decide to go you are very likely a greater than average salary and lots of job chance. The bottom line is to do your research and see the kind of job you would like, after which be worried about the certification you’ll have to obtain to obtain that job. Quite simply, work backwards and you’ll finish up wherever you need to be.

Comat specializes in Information security certification. It covers a specific module on Safety Health Environment and Quality that focus on protecting the information pertinent to safety and quality. The certification is approved on global standards and is developed as per industry specifications.