Ask These 5 Questions Before Selecting A Web Design Company!

A great website can be the face of your brand for online promotions. No wonder, brands spend considerable money in getting the right theme, design and layout. Since it’s often a onetime project, there’s no sense in hiring a team of in-house designers. However, it might be tricky to choose a website design company. Before you hire a service, ask these 5 relevant questions.

What’s your specialization?

Every web design and development company is different in many ways. You should ideally start with their expertise and specialization. For example, if you need an ecommerce portal, it’s useless to talk to a service that doesn’t understand WooCommerce or Magento.

Will you offer references?

Companies often have great claims about their work, but unless you have checked their projects and past websites, don’t believe those big ads. A good idea is to ask for client references. Genuine services don’t shy away from discussing their clients or previous projects.

What’s your final price?

If you know the features and design layout of the website, you can get a simplified quote from most web development companies. The quote might not be the final price in many cases, and hence, it’s best to negotiate to the best possible extent. If you plan to take marketing services, the prices might be reduced further.

Can you manage SEO and marketing?

A website is never enough for your business, unless you start working on SEO, online marketing and social media marketing. If a design service can handle these tasks, it’s always beneficial and reduces the supervision work. SEO and website design are not necessarily inclusive of one another. It’s a good idea to consider a separate quote.

Will you offer free support?

Website design companies do offer support for their clients for a limited period without any extra charges. If it is a big project, you might want to extend the support period. Discussions can help in this regard. Also, for massive websites, you should consider paid support, if required, for at least one year. Please note that the terms and conditions for tech assistance may vary with every company, and you should read the service contract in detail.

Finally, don’t forget to discuss your design and functionality goals. If you have a theme or design in mind, share the same with your designers, so that they can create a balance and relevant theme with the required features.