5 Good Reasons to Convert CCTV to IP Camera

If you want to incorporate a surveillance system in your workplace or home, then you must not compromise on the features and services that the security cameras offer. You must purchase a security camera that meets all your requirements in the best possible manner.

Surveillance technology has constantly evolved with time to offer better features. If you are still using the old CCTV cameras, then here are 5 good reasons why you should convert your CCTV surveillance into IP camera surveillance:

  1. New Technology- CCTV cameras have now become obsolete. They are analog cameras that offer very less definition and resolution along with DVR recording. IP cameras, on the other hand, offer higher definition and resolution at a competitive price. With the help of NVR technology, they offer more security than CCTV. The servers use Raid technology to store the data on multiple drives so that in case one gets deleted, backup is still available.
  2. Better Investment- The cost of IP cameras is more than that of CCTV cameras, but they also offer a wide range of services that prevent hacks deployed by intruders. With brands like Hikvision, NVR backdoor problems can be easily solved. The IP cameras not just record the surroundings, but also provide a large amount of storage and manage the data from a remote location.
  3. Easy Installation- When compared to CCTV cameras, the process of installation of IP cameras is very simple and convenient. There are options of plug-and-play with the help of which you can incorporate a new security camera to the existing network with no change in the entire set up or wiring.
  4. Reliable- IP cameras are way more reliable than CCTV. They are more durable and faster. They make use of the latest technology and offer services that are both efficient and effective. They are also sturdier and more durable and require less maintenance.
  5. Better Picture Quality- A security camera is of no use if it cannot capture clear images and videos. Therefore, it is important that the resolution and definition of the camera you choose is good. IP cameras offer way better picture quality when compared to CCTV cameras. Some of the IP cameras even offer motion detection and zooming features.

Now that you are aware of reasons why it is better to switch to new IP cameras from old CCTV cameras, make sure that you get a good deal that offers great value for money.